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This paper describes initial findings of an NSF funded project under the Research Initiation Grant in Engineering Education (RIGEE) program. The RIGEE program is a multidisciplinary program focused on developing innovative, implementing and assessing innovative programs that enhance engineering education. The project applied theory and methods of second language acquisition (SLA) to teach an introductory programming course in engineering. The project is a two year long project implemented in multiple sections of an introductory programming class at a technological university, and assessed throughout implementation. It included a component whereby student assistants participated in project development and implementation, and were mentored by project leads. The current presentation presents the results of the fall 2015 assessment of learning effectiveness in the course, and compares SLA course sections to non- SLA sections. Objective and subjective measures of effectiveness were collected and analyzed.


New Orleans, LA

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Frederick, C., Sun, L., Liron, C., Verleger, M., Cunningham, R.M., & Espejo, P.S. (2016). Implementation and evaluation of a second language acquisition-based programming course. ASEE Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, June 26-29, 2016.