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Europium doped alkaline earth fluoride [Eu:AEF2 (AE = Ca, Sr, Ba)] nanoparticles were synthesized and systematically incorporated into the core of modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD)-derived silica-based preforms by solution doping. The resulting preforms were examined to determine the impact of the nanoparticles chemistry on the spectroscopic behavior of the glass. The dominant existence of Eu3+ was demonstrated in all preforms, which is in contrast to conventional solution doped preforms employing dissolved europium salts where Eu2+ is primarily observed. Raman spectroscopy and fluorescence lifetime measurements indicated that the nanoparticles composition is effective in controlling, at a local chemical and structural level, the spectroscopic properties of active dopants in optical fiber glasses. Further, there is a systematic and marked increase in radiative lifetime, τ, of the Eu3+ emission that follows the cationic mass; τCa < τSr < τBa with the BaF2-derived sample yielding a 37% lengthening of the lifetime over the CaF2-derived one. Such nanoscale control of what otherwise is silica glass could be useful for realizing property-enhanced and tailored spectroscopic performance from otherwise “standard” materials, e.g., vapor-derived silica, in next generation optical fibers.

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Optical Materials Express



Optical Society of America

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