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We study localization properties of fundamental fields which are coupled to one another through the gauge mechanism both in the original Randall-Sundrum (RS) and in the modified Randall-Sundrum (MRS) braneworld models: scalar-vector, vector-vector, and spinor-vector configuration systems. For this purpose we derive conditions of localization, namely the finiteness of integrals over the extra coordinate in the action of the system considered. We also derive field equations for each of the systems and then obtain their solutions corresponding to the extra dimension by a separation of variable method for every field involved in each system. We then insert the obtained solutions into the conditions of localization to seek whether or not the solutions are in accordance with the conditions of localization. We obtain that not all of the configuration systems considered are localizable on the brane of the original RS model while, on the contrary, they are localizable on the MRS braneworld model with some restrictions. In terms of field localizability on the brane, this result shows that the MRS model is much better than the original RS model.

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International Journal of Modern Physics A



World Scientific

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