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Aeronautics, Graduate Studies

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Lecturing and instruction to students at university has traditionally been based on qualifications, experience and position of academics within ones department or college. The higher the level and more advanced the subject then the most experienced lecturers are traditionally selected for that task. Visiting lecturers are never asked to teach basic mathematics or science, they are to share their experience and enlighten the students from a vast knowledge and history. This paper reviews and discusses Kano’s model with Quality Function Deployment related to customer satisfaction and compares if the traditional approach is in keeping with university practice. Furthermore, it argues that industry has concepts and ideas that can be more proactive if applied to an educational environment where students’ demands are ever increasing and their expectations are becoming higher. If universities are to improve student-learning experiences then novel and successful techniques are needed. One such approach is discussed in this research paper to find better ways to improve student satisfaction.

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International Journal of Research in Engineering and Science