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A theoretical and computational study is undertaken for the modulational instabilities of a pair of nonlinearly interacting two-dimensional waves in deep water. It has been shown that the full dynamics of these interacting waves gives rise to localized large-amplitude wavepackets (wave focusing). The coupled cubic nonlinear Schrödinger (CNLS) equations are used to derive a nonlinear dispersion equation which give rise to new class of modulational instabilities and demonstrates the dependence of obliqueness of the interacting waves. The computations, due to nonlinear wave-wave interactions, waves that are separately modulationally stable can give rise to the formation of large-amplitude coherent wave packets with amplitudes several times that of the initial waves. In the case for the original Benjamin-Feir instability, in constrast, waves disintegrate into a wide spectrum.


Benidorm, Spain

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This proceedings volume was edited by J. Vigo Aguiar and is volume two of the set of volumes. ISBN: 978-84-614-6167-7.

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