Most Recent Additions*


Coming out of Isolation Raw Data
Joel M. Billings, Allison A. Kwesell, Stephanie Cosby, and Shuyang Lin


Industry Panel - Workplace Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Revolution: From Talk to Collective Action
Efry Ayala-Johnson, Stephanie Kenyon, Andrea Leehan, and Kevin Williams


Session 1A - Insights & Solutions to the Pilot Shortage
Geoff Murray, Paul Ryder, Todd Lisak, James Birdsong, and Kurt Reesman


Session 1B - Technology in Education & Training
Lana Laskey, Joseph Keebler, Cassandra Domingo, Nicholas Nieves, and Robert Thomas


Session 1C - Mental Health, Fatigue, & Resilience in the Aviation Industry
Jason T. Lorenzon, Diana Semilia, Julius Keller, Flavio Mendonça, Tyler Spence, Paul Asunda, Yi Gao, Jessica Cruit, Mira Gruber, Janeen Kochan, Peter Hancock, Stephanie Douglas, and James Sulton


Session 2A - AR, VR, & Weather Simulation – Advances in Training
Parker W. Northrup, Heather H. Marriott, Stacey L. McIntire, Hong Zhan, Lori Brown, Keith Dakota Rickle, Eric Effinger, Barrett Rothermel, Robert L. Thomas, Gary A. Carter, Nocholas A. Nieves, Thomas D. Barcza, and Christopher Johnson


Session 2B - Achieving Aviation Sustainability: Operations, Design, & Training
Peter O'Reilly, Maria Petrescu, Fabricio Sulzbacher, Diogo Coutinho, Muhammad Shahrukh Khan, Mehmood Ashraf, Lazib Jamil, Amman Mujahid, Talha Ehsan, Adrian Ali, Juan Merkt, and Philip Adrian


Session 2C - Insights into DEI in the Aviation Industry
Jason T. Lorenzon, Debra T. Bourdeau, Beverly Wood, Timm Bliss, Irene Miller, Daniel Scalese, Thomas Anthony, Michael Vinh Nguyen, and Jorge L. Albelo


Industry Panel - Women’s Leadership: Working Towards Closing the Gender Equality Gap
Dawn Cook, Jo Damato, Makeda Dawson, and Raquel Villagomez

*Updated as of 10/01/22.