Most Recent Additions*


Divergent Attitudes Regarding the Benefits of Face Masks in Aviation Colleges and Universities
Andrew R. Dattel, Peiheng Gao, Hanzi Xie, and Maxine E. Lubner


Session 07: Big Data, Innovation & Blockchain Technology
Michael Parsons; Albert Tan; Shiva Venkatraman; and Taffy Cheung,


Session 06: Green Aviation
Jae Woon (June) Lee, and Rajee Olaganathan


Session 05: Looking Beyond COVID-19
Gary Renfrow, Michael Watkins, and Jeffrey Ang


Session 04: Aviation Security & Disruptive Passengers
Jae Woon (June) Lee, Fred Stein, and Bernard Lim


White Paper on Engineering Controls for Bioaerosols in Non-Industrial/ Non-Healthcare Settings
Cheri L. Marcham and American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists


Training Synergy
Andre Vieira Caputo, Everton Amieiro, Lucio de Araujo Alves, and Renan Dapena Roveran


The Impact of the Miles Trade Business in the Brazilian Airline Industry
Daniela de Araujo Pereira, Evandro Magno Vianna Goncalves, Fabricio Benato Jeronimo, and Renato Luiz Furquim de Mendonca Bellomo

*Updated as of 06/16/21.