Paper Title

Orbital Coordination: Part 2


Bass Auditorium

Start Date

26-2-2019 3:45 PM

End Date

26-2-2019 5:00 PM


  • Analogies and Comparisons for STM Data Bodies. Philip Cunio & Brien Flewelling , ExoAnalytic Solutions, Inc.
  • Advanced Inflatable De-Orbit Solutions for Derelict Satellites and Orbital Debris. Aman Chandra; University of Arizona
  • End to End Satellite Servicing and Space Debris Management. Jekan Thanga,; University of Arizona
  • Real-Time Atmosphere Density Estimation Approach for Space Traffic Management. Richard Linares,; Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • CA Risk Assessment for “Dilution Region” Events: Issues and Operational Approaches. Matt Hedjuk, Astorum Consulting LLC


Feb 26th, 3:45 PM Feb 26th, 5:00 PM

Orbital Coordination: Part 2

Bass Auditorium