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Kim L. Chua


Unlocking the mysteries of Mars’s past and future habitability is just within humanity’s grasp. With a multitude of inherent similarities to Earth, Mars is one of the most promising locations to extend humankind’s reach in manned space exploration. As humanity is at the summit of taking the next leap for mankind by preparing the first crewed missions to Mars, a need that must be met is to significantly reduce the mass necessary to deliver to the surface.

The Self-Acquisition of Liquid propellant Versatile Arsenal of Resources Endeavour (SALVARE) project details a mission for creating the first Mars water-based In-Situ Resources Utilization (ISRU) architecture. This mission’s goal is to extract water (H2O) from subterranean ice pockets creating pools of liquid water, and carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere. H2O and CO2 are then used for the creation and storage of propellant to support future crewed missions to Mars.

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