The Embry‑Riddle Worldwide Campus began flight operations in September 2014, specializing in commercial, off-the-shelf, small uncrewed aircraft systems (sUAS). Since then, the inventory has grown to over 100 aircraft encompassing all major manufacturers and types. These aircraft are augmented with the latest sensors and software including: infrared, multi-spectral, and hyper-spectral cameras, LIDAR, and chemical identification sensors. The Department of Flight (DoF) has partnered with several aircraft, sensor, and software manufacturers and leverages these partnerships to provide students the latest technology and support available.

The DoF is a strong advocate for UAS flight safety and prides itself on knowing the aircraft and software, adhering to local and national regulations, providing a rigorous and demanding qualification program, and instilling a just safety culture throughout the UAS operational space. The DoF was the first organization in the world designated as an Association for Uncrewed Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Trusted Operator Program TM (TOP) training provider and the first to obtain TOP Level-3 Instructor qualification.

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Submissions from 2018


From Sensors to Knowledge: The Challenge of Training the Next Generation of Data Analysts, Sonya A. H. McMullen, Troy Henderson, Scott Burgess, Patti J. Clark, and David Ison