Decision Sciences - Worldwide

If you are aspiring to prepare for a professional multidisciplinary management-centered career with meaningful credentials, then our programs are right for you.

The department’s curricula are designed around meeting industry demands for skilled professionals in fields involving management within complex industry environments that require the application of advanced decision-making.

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Submissions from 2015


Planning for Veterans’ Success: The Degree Map as an Advising Solution, Tracey M. Richardson, Jason M. Ruckert, and James W. Marion Jr

Submissions from 2014


Project Manager ‘Management Competency’ vs. ‘Technical Competency’. Which Is More Important to Overall Project Management Success?, Barry Jon Bauer, Tracey M. Richardson, and James W. Marion Jr


Project Manager Insights: An Analysis of Career Progression, James W. Marion Jr, Tracey M. Richardson, and Matthew P. Earnhardt


Do Degree Maps Facilitate Student Success?, James W. Marion Jr, Jason M. Ruckert, and Tracey M. Richardson

Submissions from 2013


Customer Service in Aviation Industry – An Exploratory Analysis of UAE Airports, Aman Gupta, Mohammed Arif, and Aled Williams


Simulation and Optimization Modeling for Drive-Through Mass Vaccination – A Generalized Approach, Aman Gupta, Gerald W. Evans, and Sunderesh S. Heragu