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Thesis - Open Access

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Master of Aeronautical Science


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Dr. Thomas R. Weitzel

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Mr. Donald B. Hunt

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Dr. Marvin L. Smith


The correlation between air carrier pilot performance and age, total flight time, total airline flight time, and time in current position has not been fully documented. This study observed 62 F/Os in line operations and graded 74 knowledge, skills, and abilities performance variables, utilizing a five-point Likert scale. Knowledge items scored slightly below the referent, with no improvement over time; skills improved with both flight time and years of service; and abilities decline markedly across all independent variables. Changes to pilot training syllabi and techniques, as well as hiring practices, may be indicated. Integrating Pilot Proficiency Audit data into existing LOSA, AQP, ASAP, and FOQA programs can provide a more robust air carrier safety program.