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The International Network of Genocide Scholars (INoGS) emerged from a conference in Berlin in January 2005 with the goal to provide Genocide Studies with a non-partisan forum through which to present research and analysis on any aspect of genocide and other forms of collective violence. Recent symposia on genocide and mass violence, as manifested in the series of Global Conferences organized by INoGS since in Sheffield (2009), Brighton (2010), San Francisco (2012), Cape Town (2014), Jerusalem (2016), and Marseilles (2018) have witnessed scholarly engagement with, and debates around, a range of issues of fundamental importance to the field.

For more than 70 years, practitioners and researchers from a variety of disciplines have addressed the issue of genocide and mass violence using a wide range of empirical and theoretical approaches to explore case studies throughout history. Interdisciplinary research across the humanities, legal and social sciences, as well as comparative approaches, characterize genocide studies. The 6th Global Conference on INoGS, which was held in Marseilles in 2018, focused on stimulating interdisciplinary exchanges between the humanities, social sciences, and medical sciences, with particular emphasis on the early detection and prevention of mass violence.

The 7th Global Conference of INoGS, which will be held online through the platform at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, will continue the established tradition of interdisciplinary research in Genocide Studies. It will focus on the relationship between collective violence, including genocide, transitional justice, and reconciliation in societies in Europe and in former European colonies and postcolonial states. The conference will deal with a range of related subjects, such as aspects of transitional justice, reconstruction of multi-ethnic and multi-religious societies in the aftermath of conflict, case study specific topics, genocide and the child, radicalization, and gender violence in mass atrocity.

Along with livestreamed panels and roundtables, this conference will also feature video interviews with our Lifetime Achievement Award and Impact Award Winners available throughout the conference through our Awards page, as well as discussion boards relating to posters and blog posts from emerging scholars in the field (ongoing Monday 28 September through Friday 2 October).

We hope you enjoy this historic conference held in these exceptional times.

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