Submissions from 2018

New Life in the Philippines, Seungyun Kelsey Baek

Jeep Life, Joseph Baskette

7 Min 12 Sec, Austin Blair

Burned Out, Hunter M. Carlson

Making a Balisong, Doug Chamberlain

Lost on Granite Mountain, Karen Crisler

Firefighters Brotherhood, Daniel Field

One Punch, Eric Fitzgerald


Reason in Motion, Luke Francis

Philmont 2017, Parker Frye

Dark and Cold Place, Matthew Gailey

ParaRescue Jumpers PJs, Daniel Harmon

A Dog’s Life / The Loud Thing, Travis Heinrich

Life, Ryan Jin

Painting a Car, David Jones

Honor Guard, Brandon Klein

Still Standing, Anthony Lopez

Close, But No Cigar, Nicole Lopez

Draw My Life, Richard Macanas

Backpacking, Trevor McDowell

Watching the Watcher, Conor McManus

The Accident, Allie McNabb

Balisong and TSA, Mackelan Mitchell

Impossible, Philip Moroso

World Through My Eyes, Connor Murphy

America, Aimar Negrete

Living the Dream, Rob Owens

Gates of Hell, Nicolas Rodriguez

Letter That Changed It All, Antony Romero

FRC Steamworks, Nichoals Rossi

Florida Tourists and Broken Necks, Jarrett Sahd

Moving to Prescott, Arizona, Ryan Samara

Jimi and Me, Gabriel Sano

Opportunities, Jordan Stephens

…and I thought he was going to kill me, Natalie Stevens

The Morning My Life Changed, Anoi Straus


Single Axis Stability Autonomous Glider Control, Brian Study

What’s in a Name, Keith Tanner

Travel Trip, Maverick Thigpen

Baseball Life, Jacob Thornburg

Photographer, Pilot, and Content Creator, Nolan Tifft

The Decision, Cassandra Torres

Lost in the Suburbs, Marta Verdun Li Bassi

Our Story, Nathan Wilcox

That Good Ol' Bow, Castle Wilson

Choosing Cyber, Cameron Zarnich

Submissions from 2017


United States Drone Laws, Jacob Crittenden


The Capabilities of the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite-16 (GOES-16), Brandon M. Kane


Survey of Branch Prediction, Pipelining, Memory Systems as Related to Computer Architecture, Kristina Landen


Simple implementation of an ElGamal Digital Signature and a Brute Force attack on it, Valeriia Laryoshyna


Analyzing Cyber Threats Affecting the Financial Industry, Anna Skelton

Submissions from 2016


Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite- R Series (GOES-R) 2016, Paige N. Dixon


The Saltwater Theory: A Directed Study of Failed Revolutions, James Gulliksen


A Grand Game: Sino-American Relations in the 21st Century, Cameron McCauley


Examination of Resonant Modes in Microwave Cavities, Sophia Schwalbe and Gianpaolo Carosi