Assessing Player Interaction Experiences Based on Playability

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Social Sciences

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Spring 2020

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Hon 250

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Honors Seminar II


Nowadays, video games are the most economically profitable entertainment industry. The nature of their design means that user experience factors make design and/or evaluation difficult using traditional methods commonly used in interactive systems. It is therefore necessary to know how to apply Playability in order to design, analyse, optimise and adapt it to a player’s preferences. In this paper, a strong relationship between user experience (UX) and playability is introduced and justified, a characterisation of player experience (PX) is presented based on playability, and a practical method for player experience assessment is described by using the “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow” video game to be a. The results offers a mechanism for the evaluation (validation and verification) of the quality of the experience and interaction process and acts as a complementary alternative to the traditional tests performed by the video game industry professionals during the Quality Assurance Process (QA Process) to help to share results, reports and have a global point of view to analyse the final game experience.


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