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A Rescuer, an Enigma and a Génocidaire: The Curious Case of Cemal Pasha

Umit Kurt, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute

Expanding Our Understanding of Societal Mechanisms for Genocide Prevention

Stephen Capobianco, Institute for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention, Binghamton University

Recognizing “War Crimes” in Biafra: The Sergeant Yilda Example

Ngozika Anthonia Obi-Ani, University of Nigeria, Nsukka

The impact of one-sided truth commissions on national reconciliation: A survey experiment

Lesley-Ann Daniels, Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals

Hate Speech as Persecution: A Comparison to the Incitement to Commit Genocide - focusing on the case of Vojislav Šešelj

Hyokyung Jung, UNDP in Denmark

The "care" in the restitution of bodies of detainees-disappeared from the Pinochet dictatorship.

Laura Marina Panizo, CONICET (Argentina)

Reluctant Interveners: America’s Failed Responses to Genocide, from Bosnia to Darfur

Eyal Mayroz, University of Sydney

Social Scientific Research on Ideological and Identity Change in Mass Atrocities

Jonathan Leader Maynard, King's College London

Conscription and Enlistment of Child Soldiers: The Need for Redefinition

Ruth Amir, Yezreel Valley College

Will the Rubber Hit the Road: Dealing with Conflict-Related Sexual Violence in Ukraine

Iuliia Anosova, CSO "La Strada-Ukraine"

The Paradigms of Genocide: The Holocaust and the Rohingya Conflict of Myanmar

Khushboo Chauhan, Christ Academy Institute of Law, Bengaluru, India

Transdisciplinary Frames for Working with Groups in Conflict: Trauma, Memory, Empathy, Reconciliation

Bjorn Krondorfer, Martin-Springer Institute, Northern Arizona University

Counting, Disinterment, Reburial: dealing with the victims of communism in Bulgaria

Galia Valtchinova, Université de Toulouse II Jean-Jaurès

New Cambodian Cinema, Gendercide, Genocidal Forced Marriage and Rape

Raya Morag, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Genocide, violence and forced migration in South East Asia: An assessment on Rohingya refugee crisis

Sagarika Naik, University of Delhi

Recovering Refugee Voices: Armenian Refugees of the War and Genocide in Transcaucasia

Asya Darbinyan, Clark University

Military postcolonial paradox: The cases of Guatemala and Morocco

Marcia Esparza, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York (CUNY)

Sense of belonging and Ixil post-genocide identities in Guatemalan collective reburials

Clara Duterme, Aix-Marseille Université, ADES (UMR 7268)

Sexual Violence During Genocide: Production of Knowledge for Upstream Prevention Efforts

Christi Yoder, Gratz College, Center for Genocide Research and Education

Gender Violence in Wendy Holden’s Born Survivors: Three Young Mothers and their Extraordinary Story of Courage, Defiance, and Hope

Carolyn Rubavathy, Lady Doak College, Madurai

The Rehearsal for the Holocaust in Ukraine in 1919-1920

Ignat Ayzenberg, San Jose State University

Rethinking the concept of Cultural Genocide under International Law

Khushboo Chauhan, Christ Academy Institute of Law, Bengaluru, India

Who Is He When He's at Home

Willa Witherow-Culpepper, Rutgers University Newark

Killing Children and the Perpetrators of Genocide

Tom Lawson, Northumbria University

Rescue in Berat: Stories of the Holocaust in Central Albania

Iliriana Blakaj, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Ungendering and Reframing Sexual Violence and Mass Atrocities in the Balkans

Rachel McGinnis, RIT

Ambivalence and Mnemonic Role Attributions in the Politics of Memory in Post-Genocide Cambodia and Rwanda

Timothy Williams, Bundeswehr University Munich

Oral Histories and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum: Opportunities and Limitations

Noemi Szekely-Popescu, USHMM

Collective Consciousness, Individual Forgetting

Janos Desi, Independent Researcher, USHMM

Violence, War, and Gender: Collective Memory and Politics of Remembrance in Kosovo

Abit Hoxha, University of Agder

The emotional toll on child survivors of the Shoah: Examining the work of Paul Friedman M.D

Sharon Kangisser Cohen, Yad Vashem

“The Flat”: The Narrative of a Perpetrators’ Daughter

Liat Steir-Livny, Sapir Academic College and the Open University

The Constellation of Genocide Narratives: The Power of Marginalised Voices for Rethinking the Social History of Ethnic Violence

Giorgia Dona, University of East London

In the Aftermath of Genocide: Internment and Interrogation

Mark Celinscak, University of Nebraska at Omaha