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This paper was presented at the 32nd National Training Aircraft Symposium (NTAS) March 2 - 4, 2020, in Daytona Beach, FL.

Click the following link to view the conference presentation Integrating Aviation Technology, Emergency Services, and Human Resilience: Considerations from Social Scientists





Key words

unmanned aerial systems, disaster management, social science, occupational health, multiteam systems, incident command, population resilience


Unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have a range of innovative applications within the field of disaster management, underscoring the potential to enhance human security by integrating UAS across phases of disasters. This paper highlights important social science challenges that must be addressed to ensure the effective integration of UAS, the complex team of teams that respond to disasters, and the populations affected by disasters. Expanding upon points of intersection between UAS capabilities and disaster management identified in recent research, UAS uses in disaster management and corresponding psychosocial considerations are discussed. Broadly, these considerations focus on the training and development of the disaster management multiteam system (MTS) as well as the well-being of disaster responders and the populations they serve. Considerations for mitigation (resilient team infrastructure), preparation (education and training), response (an integrated MTS; responder health), and recovery (population resilience) phases of disaster management are discussed to pave the way for future research and application in this area.

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