2020 - Perspectives: A Vision into the Future of Aviation

32nd National Training Aircraft Symposium (NTAS)
March 2 - 4, 2020
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Daytona Beach, Florida

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2020 Keynote Speakers

Hon Bruce Landsberg  Capt. Donnie Cochran  Antonio Campello, PhD  Edward Onwe

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2020 Conference Details

The National Training Aircraft Symposium (NTAS) serves as a forum for aviation professionals from academia, government, and industry to exchange ideas and learn about ways to address problems in the aviation industry.

NTAS allows various stakeholders to discuss problems and potential solutions in areas such as flight training, human factors, leadership, aviation maintenance, safety, technology, virtual reality, air traffic management, urban air mobility, STEM education, and other emerging issues in aviation. This forum is committed to providing a venue for aviation professionals to interact with one another, to explore new ideas, and to build new relationships that result in better training and education.

This year's symposium will be dedicated to the following areas:

  • Flight Training
    • - Ab initio flight training
    • - Advanced flight training
    • - Changes to FAA written exams
    • - Outcomes of ATP-R
    • - Strategies / Successes in mentoring school-age children about aviation careers
  • Urban Air Mobility - Challenges and opportunities for pilots
  • UAS
    • - Training
    • - Implications for pilots
  • Integrated Airspace (Manned vs. Unmanned)
  • NextGen — What's been done and what lies ahead
  • STEM Education
    • - Supporting the next generation of aviation professionals
  • Pilot Supply / Flight Instructor Supply.
  • Professionalism / Leadership.
  • Air Traffic Management
    • - Managing the National Airspace System: What role should government play?
    • - Air Traffic Controller Shortage - Fact or Fiction?
  • Aviation Safety Management Systems
    • - Airlines
    • - FBOs
    • - Incorporating Human Factors
    • - UAS
  • Aviation Maintenance
    • - Maintenance technician shortage
    • - Human factors integration
  • Technology
    • - New technologies for ab initio flight training
    • - Transition to changing technologies
    • - Benefits and drawbacks of automation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Mixed Reality in Aviation Training

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