Submissions from 2019

My Last Season, Aleena Alexander

Change in Direction, Brandon Almaraz

First Car, Hamad Aloud

Change, Yves Amez-Droz

German Exchange Student, Rachel Arrotta

A Story About a Taco, Jacob Bailey

Rainbows, Aubrey Baker

Memories, Archer Bazaure-Dilts

Kayaking with Bob, Austin Blight


Quality Analysis of United States Commercial Air Carriers: Airline Quality Rating 2019, Kaetlyn Blocker, Brent D. Bowen, Erin Bowen, Timothy B. Holt, and Dean E. Headley


Quality, Performance, and Consumer Perceptions: A National Study of US Airlines, Kaetlyn Blocker, Brent D. Bowen, Timothy B. Holt, Jacqueline R. Luedtke, Tori Kobayashi, Calissa Spooner, and Dean Headley

Making Decisions and Living with Them, Lane Bradford

It's Just a Game, Nicholas Cabrera

The Best Metal, Doug Chamberlain

Road Trip, Lucas Cronin

Roommates, Gregory Danz

Journey Through the Alps, Michael Feliciano

White Rock Has the Best Ice Cream, Piper Forcier

Finding Ice in the Desert, Matthew Foster

Just a Game, Christian Eric Francia


Induced Magnetic Dipole on Jupiter’s Moon Europa, Luke Francis and Michele Zanolin

The Border, Mauricio Garcia

Glassford Hill, Joseph Gentile

The Honor Guard, Anthony Gilliam

The Koalakazes, Noah Hight

The Strongest Woman, James Hoffman XIV

El Calle En Ensenada, Peter Holderbein

Judo, Micah Imakyure

I Spin, Therefore I Am, Chelsea Jackson

Rocket Launch, Jason Johnson


Search and Rescue: The Importance of Using Tracking Systems in Rural 135 Operations, April Larsen and Brent D. Bowen


Evacuation Chair Training, Matthew D. Lawson

The Hike, Oliver McDearman


Project Atlas: A Mobile Universal Rocket Engine Test Stand, Collin Mickels, Conrad H. Wright, Noah Soderquist, Alona Prokofieva, Sattar Panahandehgar, Naveen Sri Uddanti, and Alcuin Rajan


The Effect of Electronic Flight Bags in Flight Training on Preflight Skill Development and Aeronautical Decision Making, Shlok Misra and Michele Halleran

Stupid Decisions, Daniel Navarro

The Couch, Nicholas Orrill

My Almost Death Experience, Nolan Ortiz

Philmont Story, Bengt Osten

My First Surgery, Michelle Ramirez

A Dream, Kevin Remigoso

Yellowstone, Nicolas Ruth

Stranger to Best Friend, Isabella Segovia

To Make a Coach Proud, Benjamin Sheldon

All of Me, Matthew Shepard

My Journey Through Flight, Emalie Snyder

My Experience with Racism, Jodi-Ann Spence


High Consequence Safety Research and Policy: The US Airline Application, Calissa Spooner, Tori Kobayashi, and Brent D. Bowen


Aviation Safety, Quality, and Economic Impact: A Policy Research System, Calissa Spooner, Tori Kobayashi, Cindy Greenman, Brent D. Bowen, and Kaetlyn Blocker

A Painful Mistake, David Stiller

My Background and My Life, Yutaka Tan

Arnold Air Society, David Taylor

My Trip to Israel, Faith Trumble

Study Abroad, Amara Williams

Submissions from 2018


An Analysis of Dance in Cuba: Flamenco, Sierra Ausbrook

New Life in the Philippines, Seungyun Kelsey Baek

Jeep Life, Joseph Baskette


Viking and Norse Settlers and Their Lasting Impact on Iceland and Its People, Nikolas J. Blanks

Burned Out, Hunter M. Carlson

Making a Balisong, Doug Chamberlain

Lost on Granite Mountain, Karen Crisler

Firefighters Brotherhood, Daniel Field

One Punch, Eric Fitzgerald


Reason in Motion, Luke Francis

Philmont 2017, Parker Frye

Dark and Cold Place, Matthew Gailey


Tourism in Iceland: How is the Exponentially Increasing Tourism Industry Impacting Iceland’s Natural Wonders?, Julio Guardado and Nick F. Desaro

ParaRescue Jumpers PJs, Daniel Harmon

A Dog’s Life / The Loud Thing, Travis Heinrich

Life, Ryan Jin

Painting a Car, David Jones

Honor Guard, Brandon Klein


Soil Conservation Efforts Affecting and Implementations to Help Tree Growth in Iceland, Justin Lawlor

Still Standing, Anthony Lopez

Close, But No Cigar, Nicole Lopez

Draw My Life, Richard Macanas


The Power of Water: A Study on the Integration of Geothermal and Glacial Resources in Iceland, Julianna E. Martorella and Genesis Vargas

Backpacking, Trevor McDowell

Watching the Watcher, Conor McManus

The Accident, Allie McNabb

Balisong and TSA, Mackelan Mitchell


Iceland: The Heat of Change Empirical Study on Icelanders Perceptions and Observations of Global Warming, Katalina Montalvo

Impossible, Philip Moroso

World Through My Eyes, Connor Murphy

America, Aimar Negrete


Effects of Volcanicity in Iceland, LILIAN Njoki NG'ANG'A

UAS Disaster Response Study Away 2018: Post Disaster/Emergency Assessment & Aid, Austin Noble, Blake Haubold, Christopher Piccone, Dalton Newell, Daniel Basany, George Gebert, Joshua Mercham, Manuel Escobar, and Steven Holmes

Living the Dream, Rob Owens


Iceland’s Renewable Energy Sources & Climate Change, Daniel Roberts and Michael Conway

Gates of Hell, Nicolas Rodriguez

Letter That Changed It All, Antony Romero

FRC Steamworks, Nichoals Rossi

Florida Tourists and Broken Necks, Jarrett Sahd

Moving to Prescott, Arizona, Ryan Samara

Jimi and Me, Gabriel Sano


Investigation into the Reasons for Secondary School Dropouts in Iceland, Austin S. Seepersad

Opportunities, Jordan Stephens

…and I thought he was going to kill me, Natalie Stevens

The Morning My Life Changed, Anoi Straus


Single Axis Stability Autonomous Glider Control, Brian Study